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Our regular booth rates are extremely low for prime retail space in this area, and for a limited time, new vendors will receive an additional grand opening discount.  Once this promotion ends, there will not be a be a better opportunity to boost your bottom line profits. 
  • Small booths with month-to-month leases are $2 per square foot.
  • 10' ,12', 20', 24', and 28' depths are available, with frontage widths of any size up to 78'.
  • 12x12 booth, rented month to month:  $288  (including shelving/display hardware)
  • 10x8 booth, rented month to month:  $160
  • Each floor plan must be approved to satisfy local zoning and Merchants' Village layout requirements.

Booths can be configured to a variety of sizes and arrangements.  Longer and shorter lease periods are also available. Special incentive rates may be negotiated for larger spaces and/or for extended lease agreements.  The following rate examples are for a 150 square foot boothSmaller booth sizes are arranged at proportional rates.  

*Please note that we no longer offer leases of less than one month.

Grand Opening Discount Rate: Regular Rate:

 Year lease: $262.50 / mo.  
  6 month contract: $277.50 / mo.
  Month-to-month lease: $300 / mo.
  $349.50 / mo.

Yearly leases of 1000 sq. ft. are available for $1750/month - perfect for expanding or supplementing an existing business location.  Compare this to the cost and conditions of typical leased retail space:

  • 0% commission for using our POS system. All you pay us is rent.
  • No long term contract.
  • Shelving included.
  • Wireless Internet included.
  • No portion of your space needs to be used for bathrooms, entrance ways, checkouts, utility closets, etc.
  • We supply a full time staff to operate checkout registers and security systems, to perform building maintenance, and to manage daily operations, so you don't need to hire personnel or even be present to run your business (you can man your booth and run your own checkout, if you prefer).
  • The Merchants' Village location is a shopping destination, with more than 100,000 cars passing every day on routes 81, 476, 315, and Oak St.  The building has been a successful Walmart location for 11 years, and the new Super Walmart is located just down rt. 315, a visible distance from Merchants' Village (expected sales volume for that new store is over $80 million per year).  Our location is only a few minutes from Mohegan Sun, as well as other major attractions and shopping areas.  Merchants'  Village also advertises aggressively on TV and in targeted print media.  The potential for walk in traffic is far greater at Merchants' Village then at any small retail lease location.
  • Service businesses are welcome - the cost of renting a small booth space is less then most small businesses spend on monthly advertising alone.  Vendors are welcome to set up booths for the purpose of advertising.

Stock your inventory and/or set up your service area, and your new location is up and running - it's that easy.

Weekend and weekday rates are intended for special events, and may be limited to 4 occurrences per year (at the discretion of Merchants' Village).  They are perfect for garage sales, charity events, and other fund raisers.  Location within the 120,000 square foot building is assigned on a first come, first serve basis, within areas specified by Merchants' Village.  For more information, please download the  Lease and Policies documents.  If you have any questions, please call  570-891-1972.

Floor plans are available at the links below:

Main Building Floor Plan     Food Court Plan      Booth Shelving Plans (potential layouts using existing shelving)

How to Reserve a Booth Now:

  • Pittston township requires a vendor permit to operate as a retailer.  The cost is $50 per year, payable at the Pittston Township building:    421 Broad Street  Pittston, PA  18640       Phone:  570-654-0161
  • In order to obtain a vendor permit, proof of liability insurance must be provided to the city.  The following insurance providers are prepared to help new vendors with inexpensive and quick insurance options:
    • cartkiosk.com    800-678-0062   x21     ($283 per year (prepaid anually), 5 minute setup)   Most of our vendors use this company for normal retail sales.
    • kramerinsurancecenter.com    800-247-6394  This company can help with special needs (sales of food and any other unusual items).
    You can use any insurance company you'd like.  Merchants' Village simply needs to be added to the policy as additionally insured (if you already have a business with liability insurance, this most likely won't cost to add to your policy).  Property insurance is not required.  The two providers above are familiar with our setup, and offer the best rates and options we've found.
  • If you are a new vendor, you can apply for a sales tax ID at  http://www.pa100.state.pa.us
  • Food vendors must comply with all normal Department of Agriculture requirements and inspections, and must obtain a local license, specifically for our location (William Luvender is our contact).
  • Sign and date the Lease and Policies documents.  Please initial each individual page of both documents.
  • Predefined booth spaces are 10-12 feet deep, and multiples of 4 feet wide (8, 12, 16, 24, etc.).  The smallest standalone space available is 8'x10'.  The price for small booth spaces is $2 per square foot, for month-to-month leases.  If you sign a yearly lease and prepay the 1st and last month rent, the rate is lowered to $1.75 per square foot.  Very large spaces receive additional discounts.
    • 8'x10':  $160 monthly ($140 with a year lease)
    • 10'x12':  $240 monthly ($210  with a year lease)
  • Send the signed lease and policies documents, along with minimum 1 month prepayment to:
    Merchants' Village, LLC    1201 Oak St.  Pittston, PA 18640
  • If you have any questions, please call us at 570-891-1972.


If you have a small amount of merchandise to sell, or if you just want to try selling a few items temporarily, several of our vendors have consignment options available.  You can rent a shelf or pay an agreed upon consignment fee, for example, only when items sell.  Those vendors maintain their own insurance, township permit, sales tax licenses, etc.  Consignment is a quick and simple way to get started, if you don't want to commit to all the requirements of starting a full booth space.  Let us know what you'd like to do, and we'll introduce you to vendors who have appropriate consignment space available.If you have any questions, please call us at 570-891-1972.


  • Please have bar code tag orders ready for us to print as early as possible (a 3 day minimum is required for printing).   See the "Bar Code" page for more information about bar codes.  We have self serve kiosks available to help you submit bar code orders.  The bar code ordering application is also available here to download and use on your home computer (email us the completed order file, or bring it in to us on a USB flash drive).
  • Our hours are:  MONDAY to FRIDAY: 11am - 8pm, SATURDAY: 9am - 8pm, SUNDAY: 9am - 6pm 
  • BOOTH FITOUTS MUST BE COMPLIANT WITH ZONING CODE.  The suggested layout plans that we've published are compliant.  When filling your space, please be aware that a bare minimum of 36 inches (3 feet) clearance, and 2 open endpoints is required for any aisle way.  Enclosed spaces require a minimum turning radius of at least 5 feet clear at any point.
  • If you have any questions, please call us as early as possible, so that we have the opportunity to help you before moving in.

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