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Bar Code Printing Instructions:

Items to be sold at the Merchants' Village front checkout area must be labeled with a bar code printed by Merchants' Village.   Bar codes are not required for vendors who man their booths and who accept payment for items using their own in-booth POS system.

Please plan on at least 3 days for bar code orders to print.  

We have self serve computer terminals available to help you submit bar code orders in the proper format.  The bar code ordering application is also available here to download and use on your home computer (email us the completed order file, or bring it in to us on a USB flash drive).

To place an order for printed bar code labels to put on items in your booth, you will need the following information:

  • Booth # and Password (for your first order, a booth # and password will be created).
  • Item description and price for each individual label to be printed, along with the quantity of each individual label to be printed. 

Item descriptions can only be descriptions chosen from the list below, or numbers from 1-5000 .   Item numbers from 1-5000 can represent any specific or general type of item for which you want to track sales.  Assigning items does not add your item to any sort of Merchants' Village inventory database.  If you want to change a price for an inventory item, just print a new bar code sticker for it.

Our reporting system simply displays which item numbers/descriptions have been sold from each booth, from any day/time, to any day/time (along with sales prices, taxes, subtotals, totals, and other required info).  Each vendor is limited to 2 sales reports per day (please let us know if you need more).

Non-taxable items must be marked individually on each bar code label, using a special neon marker.   If you have a large quantity of non-taxable items to bar code, please organize them into a separate order, notify us clearly that the order is all non-taxable, and we will help mark each printed tag in the batch.

Labels cost 1 penny each, and are printed in minimum quantities of 30 (1 sheet).  The minimum cost per order is 32 cents (1 sheet of 30 labels, plus tax).  Discounts are available for large quantity orders.

More Information About Items:

The Merchants' Village bar code system allows item sales to be repesented in either of two ways:

  • by item number, from 1-5000, assigned by vendors according to your own needs
  • by description, from a list approximately 1500 generic item descriptions
Each booth has its own individual 5000 available item numbers, and those numbers can represent any item or group of items that you want.  The sole purpose of item descriptions is to help you track which items and/or types of items have been sold.  The simplest possible way to tag your inventory would be to simply call every item in your booth "Miscellaneous" or item "1", and price each item as needed.   If you do that, then the only way to track which items have been sold is by price.  Every item in your sales reports would simply display item "1" as being sold.  This option may be useful if you don't plan to track and replenish recurring inventory, or if you prefer to maintain your inventory by hand.  Another option is to label certain categories of product with a single item number.  You could choose to label different types of items within a single item category with different prices.  This may be helpful if you'd like to maintain a particular volume of specific inventory types, but don't necessarily need to track sales of every single individual inventory item.  A third option is to label each unique item in your booth with a specific individual number.  This offers the greatest tracking detail, but is also very time consuming when printing labels.  You  can choose to print a mix of generic item descriptions and/or item numbers, according to your own needs.  To change the prices on items, simply print new bar code labels with the new prices, and replace them on your items.

By default, Merchants' Village does NOT maintain lists of vendor item number/description mappings in our system.  We don't need to know what your item #1 is - sales reports just show that item "1" was sold, and each vendor shoud know what those item numbers refer to.  It's each vendor's decision to assign item numbers to inventory as they see fit.  Every vendor should keep a list of descriptions of all their own item numbers, for tracking and organizational purposes.

The following generic items descriptions are currently available in the bar code system:

"$1" "A/V Accessories & Cables" "Abrasives" "Accessories" "Acoustic Guitars" "Action Figures" "Adhesives" "Adult Items" "Adventure" "Advertising" "Advice & Instruction" "Aerobic Training" "Air Conditioners" "Air Fresheners" "Air Purifiers" "Air Tools & Compressors" "Alarm Systems" "Albums" "All-in-One Items" "Allergy, Sinus & Asthma" "Alternative" "Amplifiers" "Analog" "Anchors" "Animals" "Animation Art & Characters" "Ankle Weights" "Antiperspirants" "Antiques" "Antiquities" "Antitheft" "Apparel" "Apple Desktops" "Apple Laptops & Notebooks" "Aquarium & Fish" "Aquariums" "Aquatic Pets" "Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball" "Architectural & Garden" "Area Rugs" "Armbands" "Armoires & Hutches" "Army/Navy" "Art" "Art Supplies" "Arts & Crafts" "Artwork" "Asian Items" "Athletic & Outdoor Clothing" "Athletic & Outdoor Shoes" "ATV" "Audio Accessories" "Audiobooks" "Autographs" "Automotive" "Automotive Accessories" "Automotive Parts" "Babies" "Baby" "Baby & Child Care" "Baby & Toddler Clothing" "Baby Food" "Baby Gear" "Baby Safety & Health" "Baby Toys" "Backpacks" "Backyard Items" "Bags" "Bakeware" "Baking & Cookie Sheets" "Baking Mixes" "Baking Supplies" "Baking Tools" "Ball Bearings" "Band" "Band T-Shirts & Music Apparel" "Bands" "Banks, Registers & Vending" "Banners" "Bar & Wine Tools" "Barbecue Sauce" "Barbecue Tools" "Barbie" "Bargains" "Barstools" "Barware" "Baseball" "Baseball Bat" "Baseball Glove" "Bases" "Basketball" "Baskets" "Bass Accessories" "Bass Guitars" "Bassinet Bedding" "Bath" "Bath & Body" "Bath & Shower" "Bath Hardware" "Bath Rugs" "Bath Sheets" "Bath Storage" "Bath Tissue" "Bath Towels" "Bathing & Grooming" "Bathing & Skin Care" "Bathroom" "Bathroom Accessories" "Bathroom Aids & Safety" "Bathroom Hardware" "Bathtubs & Showers" "Batman" "Batteries" "Battery Chargers" "Battery Packs" "Beading & Jewelry Making" "Beads & Jewelry Making" "Beanbag Plush" "Bear Making Supplies" "Bearings" "Bears" "Beauty" "Bed Frames" "Bed Pillows" "Bed Skirts" "Bed Storage" "Bedding" "Bed & Bath" "Bedroom Furniture" "Bedside Items" "Bedspreads" "Beef" "Bells" "Belts" "Benches" "Beverages" "Bicycles" "Bike Accessories" "Bike Racks" "Bikes" "Binoculars & Telescopes" "Bird Feeders" "Bird Supplies" "Birdbaths" "Birdcages" "Birds" "Birthday" "Birthstone Jewelry" "BlackBerry" "BlackBerry Accessories" "Blank Media" "Blankets" "Blenders" "Blowers" "Blowers & Vacuums" "Blu-ray" "Blu-ray Disk" "Blu-ray Player" "Blu-ray Recorder" "Bluetooth" "Bluetooth Accessories" "BMX" "Board Games" "Boards" "Boating & Water Sports" "Boats" "Body" "Bolts" "Bookcases" "Books" "Bookshelf Speakers" "Boomboxes" "Booster Seats" "Bottle-Feeding" "Bottles & Insulators" "Boxes" "Boxing" "Boys" "Boys' Apparel" "Boys' Shoes" "Bracelets" "Braces & Supports" "Brakes" "Branded Items" "Brass" "Brass Instruments" "Bread Machines" "Breakfast Foods" "Breastfeeding" "Beer" "Broaches" "Broadway" "Bronze" "Brooms" "Buckets" "Buffets" "Building Sets & Blocks" "Building Supplies & Equipment" "Building Toys" "Bullion" "Business" "Business & Industrial" "Businesses & Websites for Sale" "Cabinets" "Cables" "Cages" "Cake Pans" "Calculators" "Calendars" "Calipers" "Camcorder Accessories" "Camcorders" "Camera Accessories" "Camera Parts & Repair" "Cameras" "Camping & Backpacking" "Camping Accessories" "Candle Holders" "Candles" "Candy" "Canister Vacuums" "Canned & Packaged Goods" "Canoes" "Canvas" "Car Amplifiers" "Car Audio & Video" "Car Batteries" "Car Care" "Car Covers" "Car Electronics" "Car Exterior Accessories" "Car Exterior Care" "Car Interior Accessories" "Car Interior Care" "Car Lighting" "Car Replacement Parts" "Car Safety" "Car Seats" "Car Speakers" "Car Sports Racks" "Car Stereo" "Car Stereos" "Car Subwoofers" "Car Suspension" "Car Video" "Car Wheels" "Cards" "Cargo Liners" "Cargo Items" "Carpet Cleaners" "Carpet Sweepers" "Carrying Racks" "Cars & Trucks" "Carts" "Cases" "Casino" "Cassette Player Adapters" "Cassette Players" "Cassette Recorders" "Cassettes" "Casters" "Casual Items" "Casual Watches" "Cat Beds" "Cat Food" "Cat Supplies" "Cat Toys" "Cat Treats" "Catalogs" "Caviars & Roes" "CD Players & Recorders" "CD/DVD Duplicators" "CDs" "Ceiling Fans" "Ceiling Mounts" "Cell Phones" "Cell Phone Accessories" "Cell Phone PDAs" "Ceramics" "Cereal" "Chain Saws" "Chains" "Chairs" "Chandeliers" "Changing Tables" "Charcoal Grills" "Chargers" "Charms" "Cheerleading" "Cheese" "Cheese Gifts" "Cheese Samplers" "Chef's Knives" "Chest Protectors" "Chests" "Child Seats" "Children & Young Adults" "Children's" "Children's Books" "Children's Clothing & Shoes" "Children's Jewelry" "Children's Music" "Chili Powder" "China Cabinets" "Chippers" "Chips" "Chocolate" "Chocolate Assortments" "Chocolate Gifts" "Christian" "Chrome" "Circuit Breakers" "Clamps" "Classic" "Classical" "Cleaners" "Cleaning & Repair Kits" "Cleaning Supplies" "Cleaning Tools" "Climbing" "Clock Radios" "Clocks" "Closet Storage" "Clothing" "Clothing Accessories" "Coats" "Cocktail Mixers" "Coffee" "Coffee Makers" "Coffee Tables" "Coffee, Tea & Cocoa" "Coins & Paper Money" "Coins: Ancient" "Coins: Canada" "Coins: US" "Coins: World" "Collectible Books" "Collectibles" "Collections" "Combo Packs" "Comedy" "Comforters" "Comics" "Commercial" "Communication" "Compact Audio" "Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)" "Compasses" "Components & Parts" "Composting Bins" "Compounds" "Computer Accessories" "Computer Cases" "Computer Components" "Computer Desks" "Computers" "Computer Supplies" "Condiments, Sauces & Spreads" "Construction" "Cookbooks" "Cookie Jars" "Cookies" "Cooking" "Cookware" "Cooling Products" "Copiers" "Cordless Tools" "Cords, Wires & Accessories" "Core & Abdominal Trainers" "Correction Supplies" "Costumes & Accessories" "Cotton" "Countertop Items" "Couplings" "Coupons" "Covers" "Crackers" "Craft Supplies" "Crafts" "Crayola" "Creams, Balms & Aftershave" "Crib Items" "Cribs" "Crocheting Items" "Cruelty Free" "Cruises" "Cultural & Ethnic Clothing" "Cultures & Ethnicities" "Curriculum and Text Books" "Curry Powder" "Curtains" "Custom Clothing & Jewelry" "Custom T-Shirts & Novelty" "Cutlery" "Cutting Tools" "Cycling" "Cycling Accessories" "Cymbals" "Daily Living Aids" "Dance" "Darkroom & Developing" "De-icers & Salt Spreaders" "Dead Bolts" "Decor" "Decorative Items" "Deflectors & Shields" "Degreasers" "Dehumidifiers" "Denim Clothes" "Deodorants" "Designer Brands" "Desk Accessories" "Desk Chairs" "Desk Lamps" "Desks" "Desktop Memory" "Desktops" "Detergents" "Diabetes" "Diagnostic & Test Tools" "Diamond Jewelry" "Diaper Supplies" "Diapers & Wipes" "Dies" "Diecast & Toy Vehicles" "Diet" "Dietary Supplements, Nutrition" "Digestion & Nausea" "Digital Camcorders" "Digital Cameras" "Digital Frames" "Digital Pens" "Digital Players Video & Recorders" "Digital Tablets" "Digital Video Recorders" "Digital Voice Recorders" "Dining" "Dining Room Furniture" "Disc" "Disc Players" "Disc Recorders" "Discount" "Dishwashers" "Disinfectants" "Disney" "Display products" "DIY" "DJ" "Docking Stations" "Dog Accessories" "Dog Beds" "Dog Carriers" "Dog Food" "Dog Supplies" "Dog Toys" "Dog Training Aids" "Dog Treats" "Dogs" "Doll Making" "Dollhouse Miniatures" "Dollies" "Dolls" "Dolls & Bears" "Door Bells" "Door Chimes" "Doorknobs & Lock Sets" "Doormats" "Dora the Explorer" "Double & Triple Strollers" "Down Bedding" "Drain Cleaning" "Dress Watches" "Dressers" "Dried Fruit" "Drill Bits" "Drills" "Drinkware" "Drives & Storage" "Drums" "Dumbbells" "Dustpans" "Dutch Ovens" "Duvet Covers" "DVD" "DVD & Home Theater" "DVD Changers" "DVD Home Theater" "DVD Recorders" "DVD, HD DVD & Blu-ray" "DVD-VCR Combos" "DVDs & Movies" "Earrings" "Easter" "Edgers" "Editing Tablets" "Education & Learning" "Educational" "Effects" "Electric Brooms" "Electric Guitars" "Electric Motors" "Electric Powered" "Electric Scooters" "Electric Shavers" "Electrical" "Electronic" "Electronic Components" "Electronic Drums" "Electronic Instruments" "Electronics" "Elliptical Trainers" "Elmo" "Embroidery Machines" "Emergency Preparedness" "End Tables" "Energy Drinks" "ENERGY STAR Qualified" "Engagement & Wedding" "Engine Tools and Accessories" "Engines" "Enhancers" "Entertainment" "Entertainment Centers" "Envelopes" "Epoxies" "Equipment" "Espresso" "Espresso Makers" "Ethnic" "Event Tickets" "Executive Items" "Exercise & Fitness" "Exercise Balls" "Exercise Bikes" "Exhaust System" "Exotic Items" "Extension Cords" "External Hard Drives" "Eye Care" "Eye Protection" "Eyewear" "Fabric" "Family" "Fan Apparel & Souvenirs" "Fans" "Fantasy, Mythical & Magic" "Fashion" "Fashion Jewelry" "Fashion Watches" "Fast Food" "Fasteners" "Faucet Mounts" "Fax Machines" "Feather Beds" "Feeding" "Feminine Hygiene" "Fiction & Literature" "Field Hockey" "Field Instruments" "File Cabinets" "Film" "Film Cameras" "Filters" "Fine Jewelry" "Fire Pits" "Fire Safety" "Fireplaces & Accessories" "First Aid" "Fish" "Fishbowls" "Fisher-Price" "Fishing Rods & Reels" "Fishing Accessories" "Fitness & Yoga DVDs" "Fittings" "Fixtures" "Flags" "Flashes" "Flashlights" "Flat-Panel LCD" "Flat-Panel Plasma" "Flatware" "Flea & Tick Control" "Flood Lights" "Floor Care" "Floor Lamps" "Floor Mats" "Floor Polishers" "Flooring" "Floorstanding Speakers" "Flours & Meals" "Fluorescent" "Fly Fishing Gear" "FM Transmitters" "Foggers" "Folding Knives" "Folding Tables" "Folding Chairs" "Folk Instruments" "Food" "Food & Beverage Storage" "Food & Snacks" "Food Disposers" "Food Processors" "Football" "Footwear" "Formal Wear" "Formula 1" "Fragrances" "Fuel & Energy" "Funeral & Cemetery" "Furniture" "Furniture Accessories" "Fuses" "G.I. Joe" "Gadgets" "Gages" "Games" "Games & Puzzles" "Garage & Shop" "Garage Door" "Garden" "Gardening" "Gardening Tools" "Gas Powered" "Gates" "Gauges" "Gear" "Gear Haulers" "Gears" "Gemstone Jewelry" "Genealogy" "Generators" "Gift Certificates" "Gift Ideas" "Gifts" "Girls" "Girls' Apparel" "Girls' Shoes" "Glass" "Glass & Mosaics" "Glass Care" "Glass Tubing" "Glassware" "Gloves" "Gluten Free" "Goggles" "Gold Jewelry" "Golf" "Golf Accessories" "Golf Clothing & Shoes" "Golf Clubs" "Golf Training Aids" "GPS & Navigation" "GPS Accessories" "Granola" "Graphics" "Green Items" "Greenhouse Items" "Grilles & Grille Guards" "Grills" "Gourmet Food" "Grocery" "Guides" "Guitar Accessories" "Guitar Amplifiers" "Guitars" "Hair Care & Salon" "Hair Removal" "Halogen Bulbs" "Hammocks" "Hand & Body Warmers" "Hand Strengtheners" "Hand Tools" "Hand Towels" "Handbags" "Handcrafted & Finished Pieces" "Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry" "Handheld" "Handheld Vacuums" "Handhelds" "Handwash" "Hard Cheese" "Hard Drives" "Hard-Floor Cleaners" "Hardware" "Harmonica" "Harnesses" "Hasbro Games" "Hazardous Material Handling" "HD DVD" "HDMI Cables" "HDTVs" "Headlamps" "Headphones" "Headsets" "Health" "Health & Beauty" "Health & Personal Care" "Health & Safety" "Health Care" "Health Monitors" "Healthcare" "Hearing Protection" "Heart Rate Monitors" "Heat Shrink Tubing" "Heaters" "Heating & Cooling" "Hedge Trimmers" "Helmets" "Herbs, Spices & Seasonings" "Highchairs" "Historical Memorabilia" "Hobbies" "Hockey" "Holiday & Seasonal" "Holidays, Cards & Party Supply" "Home Items" "Home & Garden" "Home Appliances" "Home Audio & Theater" "Home Decor" "Home Gyms" "Home Improvement" "Home Office" "Home Theater Systems" "Homeopathic Remedies" "Honey" "Hose Fittings" "Hoses" "Hot Cocoa" "Hot Wheels" "House Numbers" "Household Cleaners" "Household Supplies" "Hubs" "Humidifiers" "Hummingbird Feeders" "Hunting & Fishing" "Hunting Optics" "Hydration" "Ignition Parts" "In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers" "Indicators" "Indoor Lighting" "Indoor Plants" "Industrial & Scientific" "Infant Car Seats" "Inflatable Beds" "Information Products" "Ink & Toner" "Ink Pads" "Input Devices & Accessories" "Insect Repellent" "Instruction Books, CDs & Video" "Instrument Accessories" "Internet" "iPad" "iPad Accessories" "iPhone" "iPhone Accessories" "iPod & MP3 Accessories" "iPod & MP3 Players" "Ironing Boards" "Irons" "Jackets" "Jacks" "Jams, Jellies & Preserves" "Janitorial" "Jeans" "Jerky" "Jerseys" "Jewelry" "Jewelry Accessories" "Jewelry Boxes & Organizers" "Jewelry Design & Repair" "Jewelry Sets" "Jewelry-Making Kits" "Jewelry-Making Tools & Accessories" "Job Site Items" "Jogging Items" "Jump Ropes" "Jump Starters" "Juniors' Items" "Karaoke" "Kayaks" "Keepsakes" "Keyboards & Input" "Keyless Entry" "Kick Scooters" "Kids' & Baby Clothes" "Kids' Accessories" "Kids' Bedding" "Kids' Bikes" "Kids' Items" "Kids' Watches" "Kindle" "Kitchen & Dining" "Kitchen Faucets" "Kitchen Fixtures" "Kitchen Furniture" "Kitchen Knives" "Kitchen Linens" "Kitchen Storage" "Kitchen Utensils" "Knee and Elbow Pads" "Knife Blocks & Storage" "Knife Sets" "Knitting & Crochet" "Knitting Needles" "Knitting Yarn" "Knives" "Knives, Swords & Blades" "Lab & Scientific" "Lacrosse" "Ladders" "Lamps, Lighting" "Landscape Lighting" "Lanterns" "Laptop Accessories" "Laptop Memory" "Laptops & Netbooks" "Large Appliances" "Latin Music" "Laundry Supplies" "Lawn Equipment and Supplies" "Lawn Mowers" "LCD" "LeapFrog" "Learning" "Leashes" "LEGO" "Leisure Sports & Games" "Lens Accessories" "Lenses" "Light Bulbs" "Lighting" "Lights" "Linens & Textiles" "Literature" "Lithium Ion Batteries" "Litter" "Live Sound" "Loading Ramps" "Locks" "Log Splitters" "Loose Beads" "Loose Stones" "Low-Flow" "Luggage" "Lures" "Luxury Watches" "Mac" "Mac Accessories" "Macaroni & Cheese" "Macro" "Magazines" "Mah Jong" "Mailboxes" "Mailers" "Maintenance" "Makeup" "Mandolines" "Manuals, Guides & Books" "Manufactured Homes" "Manufacturing" "Maps, Atlases & Globes" "Marbles" "Marine Audio" "Marine Parts & Accessories" "Maritime" "Martial Arts" "Massage & Relaxation" "Material Handling" "Materials" "Maternity" "Mats" "Mattel Games" "Mattel Girls" "Mattress Pads" "Mattresses" "Measurement" "Measuring" "Meat" "Meat Gifts" "Media" "Media Editing & Duplication" "Media Storage" "Medical Equipment" "Medical Supplies" "Medical, Mobility & Disability" "Memo Books" "Memorabilia" "Memory" "Memory Cards" "Memory Card Readers" "Men's Accessories" "Men's Clothing" "Men's Grooming" "Men's Jewelry" "Men's Shoes" "Men's Watches" "Mercantile" "Merchandise" "Message Pads" "Metal" "Metal Angles" "Metal Balls" "Metal Bars" "Metal Mesh" "Metal Rods" "Metal Sheets" "Metal Wires" "Metalware" "Metalworking" "Metaphysical" "Metric Items" "Mice" "Micro Tower" "Microbiology" "Microcassette Recorders" "Micrometers" "Microphones" "Microscopes" "Microwave Ovens" "MIDI" "Military" "Milk Chocolate" "Mind" "Mini Home Theater" "Minidisc Players" "Miscellaneous" "Miter Saws" "Mixers" "Mixing Bowls" "MLB" "Mobility Aids" "Model RR, Trains" "Models & Kits" "Modems" "Monitors" "Monitors & Projectors" "Monsters vs. Aliens" "Mops" "Motherboards" "Motion Sensor" "Motorcycle & ATV" "Motorcycle Gear" "Motorcycles" "Motorcylce Parts" "Motors" "Mountain Bikes" "Mounting Kits" "Mouse" "Movie Memorabilia" "Movies" "Movies & TV" "Mowers" "MP3 CD Players" "MP3 Players & Accessories" "Mulchers" "Multi-Purpose Items" "Multiroom Music Systems" "Multitools" "Multitrack Recorders" "Music" "Music Memorabilia" "Musical Instruments" "Musical Merchandise" "My Little Pony" "Nail Care & Polish" "NAS" "Nascar" "Natural & Homeopathic Remedies" "Natural & Organic" "Natural Remedies" "Navigation" "NBA" "NCAA" "Necklaces & Pendants" "Needlecrafts & Yarn" "Needles & Threaders" "NERF & Soft Blasters" "Network Adapters" "Network Cameras" "Network Drives (NAS)" "Networking" "New Age" "Newspapers" "NFL" "NHL" "Nickel" "Night-Lights" "Nightstands" "Nintendo" "Nonfiction" "Novelty & Special Use" "Novelty Lamps" "Nursery" "Nutrition & Fitness" "Nutrition Bars" "Nutrition Drinks & Shakes" "Nuts & Seeds" "O-Rings" "Oatmeal & Hot Cereal" "Occasions" "Office Equipment" "Office Supplies" "Oils" "On Demand" "Opera" "Optical Storage" "Optics" "Oral Care" "Oral Hygiene" "Orchestra" "Organic" "Other" "Other Services" "Other Vehicles & Trailers" "Ottomans" "Outdoor Cooking" "Outdoor Decor" "Outdoor Fun" "Outdoor Furniture" "Outdoor Heaters" "Outdoor Lighting" "Outdoor Plants" "Outdoor Power Equipment" "Outdoor Power Tools" "Outdoor Recreation" "Outdoor Speakers" "Outdoor Sports" "Outdoor Storage" "Outdoor Toys & Structures" "Over-the-Counter Medicine" "Packaging" "Packing & Shipping" "Pain Relievers" "Paint Brushes" "Paint Sprayers" "Paintball & Airsoft" "Painting Supplies" "Paintings" "Panel Screens" "Pants" "Paper" "Plastic" "Paper Crafts" "Paper Towels" "Parenting" "Parts & Accessories" "Pasta Mixes" "Patio, Lawn & Garden" "PC" "PC Accessories" "PC Desktops" "PC Games" "PC Gaming Hardware" "PC Laptops & Netbooks" "PC Memory" "PDAs" "Pedometers" "Pendants" "Pens & Writing Instruments" "Percussion" "Performance Parts & Accessories" "Perimeter Lights" "Peripherals" "Personal Care" "Personal Massagers" "Personal Organizers" "Personal Security" "Pest Control" "Pet Apparel" "Pet Beds" "Pet Carriers" "Pet Feeding" "Pet Food" "Pet Grooming Aids" "Pet Health Care" "Pet Supplies" "Pet Toys" "Pet Treats" "Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses" "Phone Cards & SIM Cards" "Photo Albums, Display, Storage" "Photo Printers & Paper" "Photo-Editing Software" "Photographs" "Photography" "Piano & Organ" "Picture & Display Lights" "Picture Frames" "Pilates" "Pins" "Pincushions" "Pipes & Fittings" "Pitchers & Dispensers" "Planners" "Planting Equipment" "Plaques" "Plastic Rods" "Plastic Sheets" "Plastic Tubing" "Playskool" "PlayStation" "Plumbing" "Politics" "Pools, Spas & Supplies" "Popcorn" "Porch Swings" "Portable Audio & Video" "Portable CD Players" "Portable DVD Players" "Portable Generators" "Portable Grills" "Portable Power" "Portable Projectors" "Portable Radios" "Portable Speakers" "Portable TVs" "Postcards" "Posters" "Pottery & Glass" "Powdered Drink Mixes" "Power & Hand Tools" "Power Inverters" "Power Protection" "Power Strips" "Power Supplies" "Power Tools" "Powersports" "Prep Materials" "Prepared Foods" "Preschool" "Presentation Supplies" "Pressure Cookers" "Pressure Washers" "Printer Parts, Supplies & Accs" "Printers" "Printer Ink" "Printing & Personalization" "Prints" "Privacy Screens" "Pro Audio Equipment" "Programmable Thermostats" "Projectors" "Propane Grills" "Protective Gear" "Pull-Up Bars" "Pulleys" "Pumps" "Puzzles" "Quilts" "Radar Detectors" "Radio Control" "Radios" "Radios: CB, Ham & Shortwave" "Rare Books" "Razor Blades" "Receivers & Amplifiers" "Recessed Lighting" "Reconditioned" "Recording Equipment" "Records" "Reference" "Refrigerators" "Religious Products & Supplies" "Remote Controls" "Remote Starters" "Replacement Filters" "Retail Fixtures" "Robotic Vacuums" "Robots, Monsters & Space Toys" "Rocks, Fossils & Minerals" "Roku" "Role-Playing" "Roller Bearings" "Room Air Conditioners" "Rope Lights" "Routers" "Rowers" "Rubber Tubing" "Rugs & Carpets" "Running" "RV Parts & Accessories" "Safes" "Safety Equipment" "Sanders" "Sandpaper" "Sanitation" "Satellite & Cable TV" "Satellite Radio" "Saucepans" "Sauces & Dips" "Saws" "Scales" "Scanners" "Science & Medicine" "Scientific Supplies" "Scissors" "Scooters" "Scrapbooking" "Screws" "Sealants" "Seasonal" "Security" "Self Help" "Service Carts" "Sewing" "Sewing Machines" "Shaving & Hair Removal" "Sheet & Pillowcase Sets" "Sheet Music & Song Books" "Sheets" "Shelving" "Shipping Supplies" "Shoes" "Shower Accessories" "Shredders" "Silk" "Silver" "Sink Strainers" "Skateboarding" "Ski Equipment" "Skillets" "Skin Care" "Sleep & Snoring" "Sleeping Bags" "Sleeping Pads" "Slicers" "Slipcovers" "Small Animal Supplies" "Small Animals" "Small Appliances" "Smokers" "Smoking Cessation" 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